Girl You Know Its True

Parakhan – You Know It’s True (2019)

Parakhan – You Know It’s True (2019)

For the millions. Selfies of your shell
You want a depth perception but can’t spell so well
So you show some more cleavage, “yeah, that’ll get em”
Show a plate of vegan food, yoga pose, project wisdom
You know that we know that you know
Your entire crafted image, just a sad show
We know that you know that we know
It’s fake confidence from another lost soul
Post another cat photo
A Trader Joe’s aisle, another forced smile
Post about the homeless as you race on past
To get home and take a photo of your flat ass ass
Fooling nobody, we all know you’re a gal who
Lives for the likes, thirst brings you value
Get mad if you want to, unfollow if you have to
Girl, you know it’s true

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