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Parakhan – Sunset Junction (2019)

Parakhan – Sunset Junction (2019)

Parakhan – Sunset Junction

Sunset Junction
Where P the flyest nigga when he steps in a function
Might be at City Scape where he talks about nothing
Or in a local bar steady sipping on something
Or out in Atwater, Aggie wait in the car
Paul and Chris up in the dungeon, Bavik superstars
Charis says she wants to be in a rap
There go your mention, now your ass I can slap
I keep it pushing, P strolling Hillhurst
Live a mellow life that could be much worse
I get money, more good times than bad
Skate Home Depot curbs with my homeboy Chad
Spin the records for the paper cause we’re Nice & Janky
And it’s just a few swipes for a brand new panky
Got no beef at the moment, just living and loving
Drink good, eat good, Silverlake is something

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