Parakhan – Room Full of Lenins (2019)

Parakhan – Room Full of Lenins

I’m in some all white linens in a room full of Lenins
@kruusmagi got the shots out, now the room is spinning
P dipper fully dipped, fresh, posted up in Lisbon
System blasts wisdom, Stevie, Innervisions
Life is not competition, life is all about living
If you need to make a change that’s a personal decision
Me, I made them, upgraded, took the trash out
Ain’t enough stones to even crack my glass house now
And this year ain’t done
I’m talking passports, tropical locales, and sun
Taking moment after moment, peace Gravity Christ
See the rumination is gone, game strong, new heights
At the forefront, new paint, new facade, new storefront
Fuck what the world want, it’s yours.

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