Parakhan - Lovers Rock (2019)

Parakhan – Lovers Rock (2019)

Parakhan – Lovers Rock

(She knows what she doing), she do it so well
You know what she’s doing, you allow that spell
Chess match, sacred dance, part of romance
Enhanced by a chance to get up in them pants
See, she’s flirting, beautiful eyes
You love her walk, her talk, love them thick ass thighs
She hard to get but you loving the chase
You read between the lines at the looks on her face
She know you want it, you flaunt it, you really want it
Then you get it and got it, you wreck it and rock it, she wanted you to
She say “boo, you lost in love”
You try to keep it fresh, repeat the above
Some people make it last and some people they don’t
Some people try for real, man, some people they won’t
Dance is over, song enters fade
This song repeats itself until the end of your days

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