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Parakhan – Is What It Is (2019)

Parakhan – Is What It Is (2019)

Parakhan – Is What It Is

Spit fury to bury any jackass, any burro
In they borough, in they bureau, in they burrow, bro
Mural painter paint a tapestry, Leonardo P
How art thine flow? Beyond being on art flow, I go
Where the words and mind and verbs and lines lead
Where the slurs from wine and herbs combine to be
A combo for that ticket to death
Those left, they cease to be when you take your last breath
When, you’re, gone, everybody gone
Spend, your, bread, before your body gone
I digress, finesse flower deflower les fleurs
P a farmer, seed planter with the dame du jour
Maybe yours, maybe his, if they throwing that biz
Is what it is.
Take the L spark the L, no more of those errands
Next time, fall back, caring became errant
Is what it is.

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