Bobby Blue Bland

Parakhan – I Can Tell You (2019)

Parakhan – I Can Tell You

Smack rappers with sound channels of wit
Halt continental drift, I’m monumentally swift
P the undertaker, crack ya back bitch, snap ya like a matchstick
Magic maverick, mack, master blaster rap shit
P the pompous picture painter, like Vermeer
Rock ready, steady, rock heavy, rock ya chick rear
Chris’ll spit spittle to belittle little mentals over instrumentals
Or get crude and throw you out the window
Anytime, any mind, any line, any kind, I’m bar Idi Amin Dada
Star P nahmean, rock fatter
Chris’ll spit flow with spit cold to a bitch ho
Make her shit fold, make her makeup sway to and fro, so
I’m just another broken rapper, another broke verse
Another broken beat, you know what’s worse?
Already died a month ago, now I’m in a shell
Ghost in your iphone, living in hell…

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