Parakhan - Heart Of Gold (2019)

Parakhan – Heart Of Gold (2019)

Parakhan – Heart Of Gold

Simple raps. Complicated times.

There once was a man with a heart of gold
He walked around the land with an anxious stroll
Looking high and low inside everyone’s souls
Trying to find another with a heart of gold
Walked for many years until he got real old
He never found another with a similar heart
One day he met a lady with the eyes that sparked
They clicked for a minute then she stopped his heart
She sucked it from his body, melted it down
Split the money with her friend then they both jumped town
The moral of the story, why you’re playing the game
Enjoy what you have and stop searching in vain
If you been wasting time, make up for lost time and take a moment to really enjoy what you already have.

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