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Parakhan – Getting Even (2019)

Parakhan – Getting Even (2019)

Parakhan – Getting Even

Getting even, plotting on your head
Let the time pass, you think the beef is dead
Revenge, a sweet spot in a world sour
They lay low, concentrate their power
Catch you slippin at a bar or your auto
When you notice, your face turn hollow
And all around you look for an escape
But you know the game is over, checkmate
Thought what you did wasn’t coming back
Then them bad men approach in black ski masks
“Jesus Christ, this is insane”
Please let me live goes through your brain
“I fucked up, I’ll make it good B”
The light starts to fade, you become a memory
Fuck with people, they fuck with ya back
Never know the time or place so watch how you act

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