Bill Cosby

Parakhan – Cosby Dreams (2019)

Parakhan – Cosby Dreams

Dreams of freedom and liters a liquor, lickin’ beaver
Scenes of schemin’, Me and Poitier smokin’ reefer
Baddest man alive, I’m paid from that microphone
Eighties legendary, I was all up inside your home
Uppers, downers, quaaludes, lots of bread
I’m on a plane to Vegas, young honey givin’ head
Disco biscuits, risked it up in Club 54 twisted
Gotdam I really miss it
Revisit in mind, my shine and coke lines
Decisions all mine, that’s what we did at the time
Heffner gone, Carson gone, Now I’m really burned
Pryor gone, Carlin gone, Cold the tide turned
I did it to myself, now I’m dreamin’
Closed eyes, cold winter nights
…just Fat Albert voices in my head
Is this real? This isn’t real? Is this real?

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