Parakhan - Cafe De Flore (2019)

Parakhan – Cafe De Flore (2019)

Parakhan – Cafe De Flore

There is no happiness, just temp smiles and moments
Dead humans walking, nobody seems to notice
And even I to I in the mirror, the picture, no clearer
So we’re a, assimilated simulation
I hear her, she say “P, my P”
But they all come and go, like a life heartbeat
So we live inside a dream, a fantasy world
We sleep inside a dream, anxiety swirls
And spirals, and twirls, and whips, and thrusts
And mangles, and bites, and kills inner us
Fills the mind with intrusive, abusive illusion
Which bubbles to the surface, nervous delusion
Since the days of antiquity, we all been antiquated
And nothing is ubiquity, and meaning is outdated
For some, the weight of nothing, too heavy a burden
So it’s barrel to the brain, end all that hurting

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