Parakhan - Bombay (2019)

Parakhan – Bombay (2019)

Parakhan – Bombay

Old school, call Mumbai Bombay
And there is only one champ, Ali, bomaye
And there is only one GOD, James Joseph Brown
Christmas day he went away, Chris Smith say he was the best around
They say, P you nothing, you nathan, you nada
You’re not a known name, beats lame, a jobber
I say being judged by pools of lesser men
Is a lesson in wading through Earth’s piss specimen
No pressure in being me, let’s talk about you
And how you’re scared of dying when your dead date is due
Not I, I lie not, P like Phil Lynott
Live fast, party hard, then ghost, why not?
It’s all absurd, meaningless, Kierkegaard
A blip to scroll past as you’re looking at some stars
Thirsty liking, dm sliding, exciting
Whatever brings a spark to your life… lightning

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