Parakhan – That Old Shell Game (2020)

Woman Singing

Parakhan – That Old Shell Game (2020) They call the IRS on you, place some dire stress on youBlow some Devil’s Breath on you, memories be throughMail some loose cocaine in a box straight to your houseTip the feds to the status, public defender, gratisHate agenda fueled by madness lead…

Parakhan – Genealogy (2020)

Parakhan - Genealogy

Parakhan – Genealogy My grandfather, he got shot in the chest.45 pistol whipped, they tried to put him to restHe kept the bullet by his bed, wrapped in fleshShooter sought Diana Ross, witness requestMy uncle Ulysses, he demolished a whipHe came to, refused help, just wanted to dipHe wasn’t down…

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